Hayward Collegiate
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Our Mission


Hayward Collegiate Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school in Hayward, CA. Hayward Collegiate Charter School ensures rigorous academics in every classroom and individualized support for every learner so that every student in grades TK-6 can thrive in the college of their choice, lead and communicate with confidence.

Our Vision

At Hayward Collegiate we believe that every scholar has the right to a high-quality education, one that unlocks their potential, fosters innovative thinking, and empowers themselves and their community. To achieve our mission, we commit to the following core beliefs


Critical and creative thinking is a mindset.

The foundation of all achievement is belief, focus, and persistence. Everyone of our scholars has within them an innate ability to learn and it is our duty as educators to make sure they are challenged by the work we put in front of them and cretively address issues that do not always have a right answer.

Excellent teaching is foundational to student success.

Great schools are built with the right people. We are dedicated to developing and supporting a group of fiercely postiive adults who are committed learn, train, and grow for our scholars.


Individualized student support propels student mastery and is enhanced by the intentional use of technology.

Technology is a tool that can bring power to each of our students. Scholars will use technology to help navigate their learning, bridge gaps in reading and math, and take control of their learning.

Communication is the bedrock of student leadership.

Leadership is the ability to translate a vision into a reality. Each scholar will speak confidently in public by standing before a group of people, making eye contact, and engaging them with conviction

Students thrive in a structured and joyful community.

A love for learning cannot happen in chaos. Our scholars have a right to learn in a safe, fiercely postive environment that celebrates student achievement and engages with our parents as partners in the work.

Rigorous and relevant college preparatory curriculum supports student mastery.

Excellence is the result of hard work. Our scholars will immediately recognize the work they do is challenging but necessary to engage in solving relevant problems, have a strong foundation of literacy and math, and be prepared to thrive in college.