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What is Hayward Collegiate?

Hayward Collegiate Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school in Hayward, CA. Hayward Collegiate Charter School ensures rigorous academics in every classroom and individualized support for every learner so that every student in grades TK-6 can thrive in the college of their choice, lead and communicate with confidence.

At Hayward Collegiate, all students will be prepared for academic and life success, and all students will receive the education needed to enter and graduate from college. One of the most important decisions a family makes for their children is where to send them to school. We promise to educate every student for a college degree and a life of ethical leadership from the moment they enter our doors.

To ensure our promise we provide the following:

  • Strong teachers building the knowledge and skills of ALL students

  • Intense focus on literacy and mathematics at all grade levels

  • Safe school community that is structured, rigorous, and joyful

  • Frequent communication with families on behavior and achievement


What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are public schools of choice. They are nonsectarian, do not charge tuition, and operate under the terms of a "charter" that sets forth the school's mission, program, goals, and ways to measure success. In California, charters are granted by local school districts for an initial period of up to 5 years, after which they may be renewed. Charter schools are financed directly by the state and exercise increased autonomy in return for accountability in both academic results and fiscal practices.

Charter schools were created to:

  • Increase opportunities for learning and access to quality education for all students

  • Create choice for parents and students within the public school system

  • Provide a system of accountability for results in public education

  • Encourage innovative teaching practices

  • Create new professional opportunities for teachers

  • Encourage community and parent involvement in public education

  • Leverage improved public education broadly

Board Agenda and Minutes

Welcome to the Hayward Collegiate Charter School Board of Directors public meeting page.